Applications for Winter 2023 due January 19 @ 11:59 PM EST

How to Apply

  • Fill out this Google Form

  • Make sure your resume is in PDF format

  • Email with any questions/comments/concerns

  • FAQs

    Is PSE exclusive to only business majors?

    No! PSE accepts students from all schools, disciplines, and majors. We currently have students majoring in everything from Industrial Operations Engineering to Graphic Design to Biochemistry to Organizational Studies!

    When do PSE's recruitment events begin?

    PSE currently has two recruitment sessions. One occurs in the fall and one in the winter.

    How would I benefit from the PSE community?

    PSE offers a supportive community of undergraduates who are all passionate about business! We offer mentoring in areas such as career advising, interview prep, resume development, and coursework. Additionally, we have current members and alumni working everywhere from the leading investment banks, to the big 3 consulting firms, to tech in Silicon Valley. We believe that networking is far more than just professionalism — it's a process built on friendship, trust, and brotherhood.

    What type of candidate is PSE looking for?

    There is no "ideal candidate." If there was, PSE wouldn’t be the multi-talented, interdisciplinary organization that it is! PSE is welcoming of all! We are a family united by our love for business, and people who are truly passionate about the business world are the ones who usually fit in the best.

    Can I rush both a social fraternity/sorority as well as a business fraternity?

    PSE is a business fraternity which means you are more than welcome to rush a social sorority/fraternity while going through the PSE recruitment process. Please attend one of our mass meetings or contact a brother if you would like more information on the time commitment during recruitment.

    What is the time commitment for a PSE member?

    As with all student organizations, what you get out of the organization depends on what you put into it. We believe that as a new member you will be able to accommodate your schedules whether that be classwork, other student organizations, sports, etc. Beyond the new member semester, we have weekly chapter meetings, members can join consulting groups and task committees, while also participating in service events, social events, and professional development workshops.

    If you have any further questions or want to learn more about PSE, feel free to send us an email at or stop by our booth at BBA Meet the Clubs.